After many years of working for this university, we still no receiving the same benefits as those working directly for the university. Why are we being treated different? If we are sick we do not get pay, and as we are getting older, we are concern that we will not receive a decent pension. If we do not fight now for a decent pension scheme, we and our families would live below the poverty line when we retire.
Luis Armando Ojeda, SOAS’ cleaner.
One of the reason we are going to strike is to obtain a decent pension scheme because with the statutory pension scheme we will receive a poverty pension which invariable would lead us to live below the poverty line.
Lenin Escudero, SOAS’ cleaner.
SOAS is a prestigious university that teach its students the detrimental consequences of neoliberalism. Yet, we are outsourced workers. Universities are educational centers and no business which aim is to make profit.
Armando Blandon. SOAS’ cleaner.
we are outsourced workers which implies that we are treated different from those working directly for the University. Despite that our work require us to do psychical work, involving the handle of chemical products, sweeping floors and being expose to dust that affect out heath, we are deprived from basic rights such as an adequate sick pay. This mean that we have not the right to be sick cause if we are sick we do not get pay and therefore we cannot sustain our families and pay the rent.
Armando Blandon, SOAS’ cleaner.